Meta Story Outline

Abhineet Agarwal
2 min readAug 2, 2023

An outline of a story that cannot exist.

“Symphony No. 1, The Transcendental” by Richard Pousette-Dart (1942)

This story has three acts: one begins with the face of a man, the second with the whooshing of wind, and the third with a genocide. It is clear from the outset that this is metafiction; and by addressing this fact, this story is doubly metafiction. The narrator of this story is an old lady with one ear; the climax occurs when all her cats are drowned in a huge cup of coffee; and the moral imparted is that “the more answers you have, the more questions it leads to”. There is an African tribe (obviously in the third act), and a queer character in the background (because the author realises the importance of diverse representation). The reader may begin to feel as if there is no narrative in the story, but must remember that it is a highly postmodern text, which means that the burden of providing meaning has been conveniently relegated to the reader. There is also a winebibber added to the list of characters, simply because the author feels like it — it may add for comic relief. There is a man named Andy, who shaves his head whenever something bad happens — the death of a family member, the election of a tyrant, or the cutting down of forests. It might not be evident in the first reading, but the major theme of this story is: “Is life really a gift worth passing down?” There is also a character named Jessica, who is a 6 feet blonde and a big fan of Milan Kundera — she keeps on repeating that “Happiness is the longing for repetition”. Maybe (or maybe not, who knows?) she has daddy issues. Andy has a shoe allergy, and his favourite snack is fried termites. In the reality of this play, the British are good people and never colonize anyone. There is also an emotional segment where a baby elephant journeys through the forest in search of a doctor for its mother. The author has a weird obsession with fleas, and makes sure that they infest almost every scene.